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8 Asian-Inspired Dressings (Slideshow)

8 Asian-Inspired Dressings (Slideshow)

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Honey-Peanut Dressing

Chili-Lime Dressing

Savory? Check. Tangy? Check. A smidge sweet? Check. This well-balanced dressing is inspired by Thai flavor profiles and works with a number of dishes, be it grilled beef salad, splashed on cucumbers as a snack, or as an unique dressing for vegetable slaw.

Click here for a recipe for Chili-Lime Dressing.

Asian Vinaigrette

This Asian vinaigrette recipe gives your basic vinaigrette recipe a kick! The mild heat that it brings will make any salad or vegetable a bit more exciting and will have you wanting to eat your greens more so than usual.

Click here for a recipe for Asian Vinaigrette.

Wasabi, Lemon, and Lime Dressing

Thai Dressing

Garlic, Soy, and Honey Dressing

The useful thing about this dressing is that it doesn't only have to be using as a dressing. It can also be served alongside satays or potstickers as a dipping sauce. Or you can baste shrimp or other proteins and vegetables on the grill with this for a hint of sweetness and tang on your barbecued foods. The uses are many and what's best is its easy to make!

Click here for a recipe for Garlic, Soy, and Honey Dressing.

Miso-Sesame Dressing


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