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Mini pancake cake with strawberry sauce

Mini pancake cake with strawberry sauce

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How to prepare pancakes:

Melt the butter. In a large bowl mix with a spoon the dry ingredients (flour, vanilla sugar, baking powder, salt powder). Mix the eggs with the milk, vanilla essence and melted butter. Pour the liquid mixture over the mixture with dry ingredients. Mix well. Grease the pancake pan with a napkin or a sponge soaked in oil. In this way we must proceed after each pancake. With a polish, lightly pour the composition in the center of the pan. Leave the pancake for about 1 minute until it bubbles on the surface, and then turn it on the other side. I got 9 pancakes.

How to prepare strawberry sauce:

Put the 200 gr of strawberries in a small pot. We pass the fruits until they become a paste. Put the mashed fruits on the fire and add the 2 tablespoons of sugar. Leave the composition for about 10 minutes until it thickens.

Assembly mode:

On a flat plate we place 2 pancakes on top of each other. Put 1 tablespoon of strawberry sauce on top of the pancakes and then cover with 2 more pancakes. We do this until we finish the pancakes. Decorate with fruit.

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