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Pilaf with vegetables and poultry

Pilaf with vegetables and poultry

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The chicken is washed and boiled in water with a little salt, throwing the first water, after 2-3 boils)

When it is cooked, take it aside, season it and brown it in a grill tray, without fat.

We measure the obtained soup, leaving in the pot the equivalent of 4 and a half cups (because it decreases when we cook the vegetables). Add the chopped carrot, pepper and onion and let them boil, then pour the previously washed rice. Turn off the heat and let the rice swell. Then we turn off the heat and cover the pot, so that the rice finalizes its shape.

Serve with chicken and parsley in abundance.

Good appetite!

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When I return after a trip, I always want to enjoy all the little details that give me the feeling of home, and the most effective in restoring the feeling of home comfort I noticed is the cooking of an unpretentious but very tasty dish. This time I thought of a rice pilaf with chicken, as we eat as children. I don't know if the pilaf recipe we cook in Banat strictly follows the letter of the original, Turkish one. The fact is that I found that in neighboring Vojvodina the pilaf is & # 8222interpreted & # 8221 just like in our country and that makes me think that the chain on which the pilaf recipe penetrated our local gastronomy was, paradoxically, from west to east, because the Ottoman influence of the Serbs lasted for centuries, much longer than in our country. Wherever the recipe actually comes from, it requires no great skill, no much attention, no special workmanship, only fresh and good quality ingredients to help create a delicious taste.

Preparation time: 00:30 hours
Cooking time: 01:30 hours
Total Time: 02:00 hours
Number of servings: 6 servings
Degree of difficulty: Easy


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