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Best Veal Cutlet Recipes

Best Veal Cutlet Recipes

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Top Rated Veal Cutlet Recipes

In honor of Frank Sinatra’s Birthday coming up on December 12th, Patsy’s Italian Restaurant, known for years as Frank’s favorite Italian Restaurant is sharing some of Ol’ Blue Eyes’ favorite dishes like this Veal Milanese.In over 70 years of existence, Patsy’s Italian Restaurant has had only three chefs, the late Patsy himself, his son Joe Scognamillo and Joe’s son Chef Sal Scognamillo, who has been manning the kitchen for the past 30 years. Frank Sinatra first met “Patsy” Scognamillo in 1942, which sparked a lifelong relationship between Patsy’s and Sinatra. Whenever he was in New York, he would visit the restaurant usually more than once with all of his friends. His legacy lives on in the restaurant till this day.

This simple but easy-to-create veal Wiener schnitzel recipe is necessary for a fall dinner. Unlike many more complicated Wiener schnitzel recipes, this delicious Oktoberfest staple is easy for even beginner chefs.

It may seem like a lot of butter, but I was amazed at how the crust on each piece of veal just soaked it all up — about one tablespoon each. So, if you end up with about eight cutlets like I did, you'll need the eight tablespoons of butter.It may seem a bit decadent, but it's a tasty, quick, and easy weeknight main. And a little goes a long way. Two cutlets per person should more than suffice, especially with all the buttah.Click here to see Butter vs. Olive Oil: What's Better?


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