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Tort Diplomat 2

Tort Diplomat 2

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Because, this month was the name day of my husband St. John, I chose to make him a cake that he always adores "DIPLOMAT", everything that contains whipped cream is crazy. I managed to usually take pictures at the last 100 meters, because I did a lot of recipes, but I couldn't take pictures of them, instead I decided to be more "on stage" in the future and take pictures from time :)


  • 8 eggs
  • 8 tablespoons sugar
  • 8 tablespoons oil
  • 2 sachets of vanilla sugar Dr. Oetker
  • peel from a large lemon
  • 8 tablespoons flour


  • 700 ml fresh Meglle
  • 2 tablespoons caster sugar
  • 2 sachets of Dr. Oetker powdered sugar
  • 2 boxes of fruit compote (1 box of pineapple, 1 box of exotic fruits)
  • 4 tablespoons raisins
  • rum essence


  • the juice of the 2 cans
  • juice from 2 large squeezed oranges

Servings: 12

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes


countertop: The egg whites with a pinch of salt are mixed until they become foam, the sugar is added one by one, they are mixed until the egg white is hard as meringue. In a separate bowl, mix the yolks with the oil, vanilla sugar and lemon peel, then incorporate into the beaten egg whites and mix for about 30 seconds to incorporate everything. a wooden spatula / spoon.

Cut the pieces of compote to the right size and drain.

The tray greased with oil and lined with flour and / or baking paper is placed in the tray and put in the oven until it passes with the toothpick. After baking, allow to cool completely. After complete cooling, cut into 3 trays, but the bottom layer should be a little thicker than the other two.


Beat the whipped cream very well with the mixer together with the sugar until the lumps form.
When soaked, place the raisins in a glass with 200 ml of water and rum essence.
Mix the juice from the compote with the one from the 2 oranges, put the first tray on a plate, syrup it with this uniform mixture, divide the amount of whipped cream into 2 halves. From the first half of the whipped cream, put a layer of 1 cm of whipped cream, sprinkle half of the fruit and the raisins already strained, to be uniform and put the rest of the whipped cream over it. Then the second layer of top is syruped and put the same cream, fruit, raisins and the rest of the cream to cover the fruit. It ends with the 3rd countertop in syrup.
Separately, beat the 300 ml of liquid cream, dress and decorate the cake according to your preference. I shaved a little more chocolate on top and garnished with tangerines.

Tips sites


If you want you can put more fresh fruits you want, or make only from one type of fruit and not mixed, be they compote or fresh fruit.


If possible, the countertop can be made the day before use, it will be cut and syruped much better and you will have a more beautiful "outfit".

New Year's Eve Recipes 2019: How to make a diplomat cake like a book

You will definitely make a splash at a holiday table: Diploma cake with candied fruit.

The following ingredients are required:

- seeds from a vanilla pod (or essence, sachet of vanilla sugar)

- 1 packet of champagne biscuits

- various fruits that you have at hand I used oranges, pineapples, tangerines and candied fruits: candied apricots, figs, raisins, etc.

Method of preparation:

Beat the yolks with 1/4 cup of sugar well and then mix with the milk and then put on the fire until it thickens like a cream. Then give the cold formed cream. Beat the whipped cream with the mixer until it hardens, I used liquid whipped cream but you can use any kind. Meanwhile, dissolve the gelatin in warm water. We then beat the egg whites with the vanilla seeds and another 1/4 cup of sugar until they harden and then we mix them with the whipped cream.

Then I took a form with detachable edges and wallpapered it on the bottom with fruit. In the yolk cream add the dissolved gelatin and mix well then mix it with the mixture of whipped cream and egg whites and make sure to blend. After that we pour a part of the quantity over the fruits in the form, we add another layer of fruit, another layer of cream, then another layer of fruit and the last layer of cream after which we put it in the fridge.

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Superbly decorated cake, Amalia!

This is the & # 8222cake in question & # 8221. what did you tell me you were doing it for ?? It came out superb !! How many powdered milk flowers, how many figurines & # 8230 you decorated it super nice, it looks fresh and healthy! I feel like putting my snout in it: D kiss you and I need you!

Edith thank you! Teo, next time I invite you to a slice :)

Hi Amalia, I would like to make this cake for my little girl's birthday who is 3 years old now on June 12. But I also have a question: do you think I can replace those raw egg whites with cream (the thought of raw egg scares me a bit) ? Kisses! :)

It looks very good & # 8230and it seems that the decoration of the cakes is one of your strengths! You have imagination!

Anitha, I'm glad you like my recipes, you can try them quietly, if you need advice, don't hesitate to write to me. Kiss you, have a nice day!

It looks really good. I'll try it these days too

Please, it's very fluffy and light :)

I decided that this would be the first cake I had ever made & # 8230.

Hey Mary, I'm glad you decided to do it if you have any questions do not hesitate to write to me, I hope your cake comes out! Kiss you, have a nice week! :)

Hi Amalia your cakes look great I would like to try them all if I can find out the recipe thank you

Well, it's pretty simple, you look to the right of the screen where the topic Sweets appears, click on the title of the cake and the recipe appears :)

This bestial cake is super bestial, especially since I really like the diplomat cake, it looks great, congratulations.

Vicky thank you very much I hope you do it is very easy to know! Nice weekend !

Amalia, what cream do you use?

Adina uses vegetable cream for garnish as it stays longer (cream is Meggle, the one with a blue box) and for cream cream made from natural cream.

I'm not in the country and I found gelatin foie. how much should I put in your diplomat cake recipe. please a lot. elena

Dear Elena, I hope I didn't write the answer too late & # 8230 I never used gelatin sheets but I read that 6 sheets = 9 g gelatin. I hope your cake comes out because it is very good & # 8230 I am waiting for news from you, I kiss you!

Hi Amalia, congratulations for your wonderful blog and for this cake I want to make for my husband's birthday. My question is about gelatin, is it dissolved in 100 ml of water and put with all the water in the cream or is it reduced from the water? Maybe the question is strange, but I put the gelatin dissolved in half a cup of water and the cream thinned quite a lot, and I see that the cream is very fluffy. Thank you very much. Iulia.

Dear Iulia, thank you for your appreciation, you are nice :), the diplomat cake is very easy to make, if you have doubts about gelatin, you can put 2-3 tablespoons of water in each sachet, so in total about 9 tablespoons of water. I think it is less than 100g:) & # 8230 the cream is fluffy, there are 6 yolks per 250 ml of milk & # 8230 please be very careful with the cream, you can see that it has cooled you can already mix it with chilled cream. It will harden very quickly. Leave it to cool a bit then add the beaten egg whites. I'm holding your fists, I have to make a car cake on Saturday and I'm so scared, I've never done it before: ((.. I kiss you and only good. Write me how it turned out :).

Hi Amalia, thank you for the answer, right now I got to work. So far so good, I mean countertop and cream, but my problem is still gelatin :), that is, when I put the gelatin in cold water it absorbed all the water, is that right or is it a problem with my gelatin? Good luck with your cake, I can't wait to see the poems. kiss you. July

Iulia has no problem, leave it for a few minutes then put it in hot cream (turn off the heat) and stir until it dissolves completely. I'm holding your fists!

Hi Amalia, thank you for the answer, I got to work right now, but I still have a question about gelatin. I dissolved the gelatin in water, which it absorbed immediately, so it has to happen or is there a problem with my gelatin and I have to buy another one? I kiss you and good luck with the cake, I can't wait to see pictures. July

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the speed of the response, you saved me. sorry I thought I sent you two comments, I thought it was not saved. Iulia kiss you

Hi, Amalia, my cake turned out sensational, it was very appreciated by friends and I will definitely make it in the future. Thank you very much for your help and I am waiting for you with new recipes. kiss you. July

Hey, that's how I want you :)) ptr. next time I recommend the chocolate mousse cake :).

Hi Amalia, instead of trying the chocolate mousse cake after the Egyptian one, I tried the diplomat. I was a little more selfish and I didn't think about my guests but about me because I don't like chocolate and I wanted a cake with whipped cream and fruit for my birthday. But I don't like how this oven bakes lately and to make sure it goes well (I had 30 guests.) I used biscuits soaked in pineapple juice at the base and on the side. It turned out perfect, perfect, perfect! Your recipes are so precise and easy to make that I wish I had them in a cookbook that I always flip through when I cook sometimes and only for guidance, advice and practical things. Thank you once again for trying to share them with us. I would like to make an effort to make a cake for my friends with whom we will make Christmas. At times like these, such as Christmas, we who do not live in Romania care a lot about organizing the evening and the traditional Christmas meal. I looked on the net for cake recipes with walnuts - of course, without cocoa :) and it seems like I would like to come back here for advice from A to Z only here I found a single cake recipe with that hole in the middle . Please, do you have time for a traditional cake recipe? Uhhh & # 8230 how long I am. Thank you very much for everything and I kiss you sweetly.

Dear Cristina, you have to try them all 3 :)). My husband only likes fruit cakes, the one with chocolate mousse on the blog was a gift for a friend & # 8230 thank you very much for your appreciation, I try to be as precise as possible, the other days when I made beet soup I looked in the trash the bag from the grocery store to see how many grams the beet had:)) & # 8230 there are also good recipes, the ones from the beginning of the blog where the quantities are approximate :). This year I think I will make cake too, I have a recipe from my mother that never fails. I will write it to you in great detail :). I kiss you and let's "see you" well :).

I wanted to ask you about this diplomat cake: does gelatin matter ?? Is it preferable to be coarser or is it ok and fine? And in general, do you recognize how strong it is after the bloom? So I will make all 3 cakes :)) But know that he makes me a lemon and meringue tart & # 8230am and I have a recipe like that but only with lemon cream which is not put on the fire and is simple ft to do. And bake the top without beans or anything hard on top. And it can be done with chocolate cream (my husband says it is extraordinary) or with & # 8230 I'm not sure how to say it correctly: rhubarb ?! I love this plant to taste & # 8230yamiii. Then I saw that you have a recipe for giving alms to the pig & # 8230just because I was planning it for before Christmas :)) and tomorrow I will make a recipe for rice with mushrooms (the last one on your blog) that goes perfectly with chicken slices and lettuce salad with yogurt & # 8230 But I'm also waiting for the cake & # 8230.I hug you dearly and please, please don't miss us if you somehow get through Copenhagen!

Dear Cristina, you should know that it is important, it doesn't matter if it is coarse or sheets, it is important to read on the envelope the amount of liquid needed & # 8230 for example I use coarse, 10g of gelatin is enough to strengthen 500ml of liquid. If you want to give it up then you can fill the cake with whipped cream in which you put hardener and add more pieces of fruit & # 8230cat about tarts I really like but having the blog I always try new recipes so I always make other sweets & # 8230iti thank you very much for the invitation, believe me if he had money like that I would visit all of Europe, but who knows maybe someone will ever have it :)). I kiss you and I'm waiting for you to write me what you did with the cake.

God looks gorgeous! I'll try the cake too but I don't think I'll be able to decorate it so beautifully! Can you give me some advice on how to arrange it exactly like that? I love how it looks and I would be very grateful. Thank you

Anonymously, it's easy to know how to put the cake in whipped cream, smooth it nicely and then take care of the fruit: in the center slices of tangerines, place them in a round shape, then slices of kiwi and finally slices of peaches in compote. Put transparent gelatin for cakes from Dr. Oetker on top (write on the envelope how to prepare it). Gelatin gives them a nice shine and does not let them oxidize. I think the last picture would be useful, I hope you succeed!

Thanks a lot for the advice! I promise to try it and I'll come back with a comment to tell you how it turned out! Thousands of thanks!

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for the recipes posted .. some of them took me out of the impasse for any occasion when I didn't know what to impress or prepare with. at the same time. Kisses and greetings from Pamplona & # 8230

Dear Gabi, thank you for your appreciation and I'm glad that the recipes are to your taste & # 8230I try to cook as simple but varied as possible, I like vegetables, my husband's meat (normally, right?) :). Kiss you and only good!

Hi Amalia! A New Year full of health and delicious dishes to delight us with. :)

I also have a question about your cake. A few days ago I bought a cake tray with a detachable ring. I tried to build a cake using the ring, placing the top directly on a plate. But there was a pretty big distance between the countertop and the ring, I know the countertop reduces its size after baking. But then what to do? How do you proceed? I really want to make your diplomatic cake and I don't know how to make it. Do you put the ring around the countertop that is directly on the plate or do you also use the bottom of the tray? Sure it seems to have fallen from the clouds, but & # 8230 :)
Thank you very much! Ana

Dear Ana, you are right, there is little space left between the countertop and the ring, I fill it with cream :). Let me tell you how to proceed: on the plate on which the cake remains I put only the ring from the shape. I take 2 pieces of nylon foil (or the bag torn in half) and & quot. I wrap up. Then I put a little syrup on the nylon, I put the top, the cream I spread it very well, filling the distance between the top and the shape (which is small anyway) and so on until I finish. At the end, I cover the cake with the remaining edges of the foil and put it in the fridge. Then I take the ring, carefully remove the foil and decorate. For the cake in the pictures, I put the ring directly and then with a knife rotating around I opened the edges. It's not hard to know. I hope I explained your understanding :). Write to me if you don't understand something.

Dear Amalia, I made the cake for my boy's birthday and although I am not an expert in cakes at all :), it turned out good and very nice. I listened to your advice with the circle and they were good! :) I was satisfied with the result. The cream did not work as fine as I would have liked, I think the gelatin was not ok or I did something wrong with it, I used an American gelatin that required water brought to the boil. The cream came out good, but with slight small bumps :). I have never worked with gelatin before, and here I did not find Romanian gelatin. Another aspect is that the cream would have gone a little sweeter, I followed your recipe exactly. In the future I will slightly increase the amount of sugar. Anyway, my cake was praised, my baby had a nice birthday cake, so thank you very much! :)
Being from Transylvania, I look forward to reading your posts with Transylvanian recipes, you know that. :)

Dear Ana, I think the gelatine has not completely dissolved and that is why the cream has remained like this. it didn't dissolve & # 8230 anyway it's important that it hardened, it was worse than the cream remained soft :). Of course you can add sugar if you didn't find the cream so sweet. I'm very glad that your cake came out, from now on you will see that it works easily once you try it first, the rest of the gelatin cakes are variations on the same theme :)). I kiss you and happy birthday to your little boy, to grow up big and healthy!

although I am an amateur housewife and very clumsy, I tried the cake according to your recipe and it was not so hard & # 8230surprise came out !! I will try as many recipes as possible, I will also become a good housewife..I kiss you and as many recipes as possible..adriana

I want to congratulate you for your recipes, they are extraordinary. I would also like to make a diploma cake for my husband's birthday and my question is: for the cream, should the egg whites be whipped with or without sugar? it does have any importance?

Farce sugar Ica, I hold your fists, I hope you succeed :).

Amalia, I got a perfect cake and I can't believe it at the confectionery. thanks a lot for the directions
Now I'm thinking about which one to choose for Easter.

Hi Amalia! I want to make a diplomat cake and inside I want to put strawberries, on top of a layer of strawberry jelly and decorated with strawberries))

What fruit would go inside? Thank you.

I think the pineapple pieces would work :). I'm thinking of not combining more fruits because the flavor is lost.

hello :) I would like to ask you something ..
Is the cream made on a steam bath or how? And if the countertop is made of two lids, isn't there too much cream? Can it be made of 3 lids? I'm waiting for an's very important because I chose to make your recipe because I didn't find it difficult..and I have to do it before an exam where I have to take this cake & # 8230and I hope my cream comes out!

aa and something else & # 8230 Is the egg white cream and whipped cream mixed with a mixer or a spoon?

The cream is made on a steam bath (bain-marie), you can cut the top in 2 or 3. The cream comes out quite a lot but it is very light (with milk and cream) at the diplomat so it must be (a lot). You can mix it with a wooden spoon. Good luck at the exam, I'm waiting for you to write me if your cake came out and if you took the exam! :).

Hi, I've been looking for the recipe for a good and refined dipomat cake. I am married and my husband rarely eats anything sweet. but when I made this cake, I mean super good. especially since I & # 8230am also wrote on it with love :)) I think it came out better than the one in the picture) congratulations amalia!

You are a pretty girl & # 8230 all I can write to you is to eat it with love :).

congratulations for this recipe that seems easy to make and I hope that the first cake I make will come out, but please tell me how to prepare whipped cream from natural cream, k I once made whipped cream from natural cream and it came out a bit soft!

Dulcik keeps the cream cold then I put a little hardener and beat it at maximum speed (with the mixer). It is important to be cold. Don't expect it to come out like the vegetable one which is much stronger. If you want you can do it like this: make cream with natural whipped cream and garnish with vegetable whipped cream :). I hold my fists, I hope it comes out!

I made the cake and it turned out very good, I just had to think I put a little sugar in the whipped cream from the garnish, I was not afraid I was afraid it would soften, and your face came out a bit yellow used country eggs. But it's very good, the husband loved it.

Husband I = liked? I'm glad, but if he didn't like what?

Hi Amalia, if you can help me, I found among your recipes a recipe for cake cream with finesse, but now I can't find it anymore, I want to make it for New Year's Eve because now I'm doing a diploma for Christmas, please can you tell me where to search, thank you, I will search anyway you are saved to favorite, I kiss you,

I found it, it's called nut nut cream cake, thank you.

wonderful recipe. thank you very much!

My dear Amalia, yesterday my mother came to visit me, and today we had this wonderful cake. I can't wait to eat it: D. thanks for these wonderful recipes.

Hi Amalia, I have 2 questions: 1. What can the countertop syrup with if I put fresh pineapple? 2. Can I put the raisins without soaking them in rum? Or soaking them in something else?

You can make a syrup from 150 ml of water, 3 tablespoons of sugar & # 8230 raisins you can put them like this or let them soak in a little water.

Hi Amalia!
I want to make the cake according to your recipe above for Christmas, and I have a little question too. For the cream, do you think I can use liquid cream (Hulala) instead of the cream you use?
Thank you!
Happy celebrations!

Of course yes, I keep my fists for the recipe and all the best in the new year!

Hi Amalia!
Know that the cake turned out great! : D
I appreciate the answer and the wishes, thank you very much and I wish you too, only good in the new year!

I came up with a really crappy cake with this recipe, I know that the filling is made only with whipped cream, gelatin and fruit and not with that filth of yolk cream because it only spoiled it & # 8230 and the cream inside it was made like cheese, not like you say, a fluffy and tasty cream comes out! I'm not even fluffy, I won't make the cake out of your recipe!

Andreea I'm sorry about the cream.

Dear Andreea, if all those who tried this recipe came up with a wonderful cake and you didn't get anything, this denotes the fact that you don't know how to cook at all and you better take some more lessons. And instead of accusing better, thank those who are kind enough to post their recipes to the general public.

I'm a mechanic and I've never made cakes before
and I made this cake for my son's 3rd birthday
and I want to thank Amalia for coming out great
and I'll make more recipes from here
and well-explained forces
a greeting

I also like the cake and the recipe and I still like it, I think I will make it with my mother

Superb! It's the 2nd time I make your recipe, and it turned out magnificent! Decorated differently of course, but it's super good! Congratulations!

Larisa diplomat cake can be decorated in many ways:) & # 8230 I'm glad you got the recipe!

This is a great recipe! I will do it too, I hope it will work out ok. I did another diploma and it came out but I don't have a recipe anymore and I kept looking for a recipe on the net and I like that. need it on grandma's birthday do not think it would be a problem. eventually I would decorate it only on Sunday. what do you say Amalia? Anyway, thank you for all the goodies you share with us. you are among my favorites. Almost every day I steal something from you. Thank you!

I would like to ask you something more. to make 2 large countertops and join them. So I would get a bigger cake because we have more guests? what about quantities? or give me another idea mssssssssss

You can double the quantities, the one in the picture has about 3kg & # 8230 well in a rectangular tray such as the one on the stove which is big enough. I'm glad that the recipes are to your taste to know that the diplomat cake is among my favorites: 0. kiss you and write me how it turned out!

Hi Amalia! I wanted to write you my cake result, which was a very good one, as well as the appreciations of those who saw it and ate it. Thank you for everything: - * I kiss you

I kiss you and I'm waiting for you to try other cake recipes!

Hi, Amalia! Please tell me where to find hardener for. whipped cream ? I would also like to know if the transparent gelatin is different from the Dr. Oetker gelatin that I already bought for the cake cream. Diploma and if it differs, where can I find it? I saw a cheese hardener in the store. Is that good? Kiss you, Silvia

Cream hardener is also from Dr. Oetker, transparent gelatin as well, a slice of tart is drawn on the envelope, forget click here to see what it looks like

Thank you for answering me and guiding me! I want to tell you that the cake top (your recipe) is the one I prepare frequently, also according to your recipe I make & # 8222 Snow White & # 8221 which has become & # 8222House cake & # 8221and many other recipes of yours are special . Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....

Silvia, I don't know how to make candy just to eat :) but it's their turn.

Surprise Diplomat Cake

Because I turned 12 years old from the marriage, I prepared a surprise diplomat cake for my husband (the diplomat is his favorite :))
The basic idea of ​​this cake is diplomat cream, the rest is can-can :)) You can use biscuits (or sponge cake, you can use fruit or not (tip: cut the fruit into small pieces, do not do like me, I have I wanted to garnish it with fruit but I changed my mind)) I had a hard time cutting it with large fruits) you can use raisins if you like (add them in the diplomat cream at the end. It is a very easy and very tasty recipe, a much better diplomat than the confectioner.

Ingredients for diplomat cream (for a larger cake double the quantities)
-3 eggs
-7 tablespoons of sugar
-15g gelatin + pineapple syrup (canned)
-500 ml cream (I made 30% liquid cream)

1. I put the gelatin soaked in pineapple syrup. I used sheets but you can also use granulated gelatin
2. I put the whole eggs and the sugar in a saucepan at bain-mairie and I chewed well until it became like a cream (about 10min) and I put it to cool
3. I beat the cream well and put it in the fridge
4. I heated the gelatin a little until it melted. Be careful not to boil it because nothing will come out :), and leave it to cool
5. Over the whipped cream I added gelatin and mixed lightly from bottom to top with a wooden spoon until well incorporated
6. I also added the egg cream, stirring just as easily
(If you like raisins (soaked for 30 minutes in lukewarm water and drained well) now you can add them. I did not put :)
The diplomat cream is ready, until you think about how to decorate it in the fridge :))

For decoration I used:
-300g biscuits
-fruits: canned pineapple, oranges, red currants, kiwi, cherries
-200g whipped cream
-melted chocolate for writing
-silver beads (candies)
-a small bottle of champagne that is not eaten :))

I used a special cake tray (which also has a lid :)), a removable (bottomless) cake form that I took out very easily the next day :))
I surrounded the form with biscuits (not soaked), I put fruit on the bottom, I overturned the diplomat cream and I decorated it with fruit again :) initially I wanted to leave it like that but I couldn't feel it and I said to fill it :) ) and over the fruit I put biscuits soaked in pineapple syrup, another 200ml whipped cream, I leveled it nicely and decorated with whipped cream and beads, I wrote with chocolate and that's it! and the bottle of champagne :)))

It was super delicious and I recommend it to you too! I am waiting for you with opinions!
Good appetite

Diplomat Cake - Quick

Tort Diplomat Ingredient:
 4 tablespoons flour
 8 eggs
 2 cups of sugar tea
 1 liter of milk
 30 g gelatin
 cocoa, coconut,
 whipping cream.
Method of preparation:
Dissolve gelatine in 100 ml of cold milk.
Mix the yolks with a cup of sugar.
Add the flour, dissolved gelatin and milk from close to close until it dissolves. Put on low heat. Stir constantly until thickened. Allow to cool.
meanwhile beat the egg whites with the other cup of sugar (as for meringues).

When the other cream has cooled, mix the egg whites lightly. Divide the cream in half. In the white mix the coconut, the other side with cocoa. Grease 2 trays with oil, lined with cellophane and pour the composition. Let cool and after 2-3 hours turn over. Garnish with whipped cream. You can also grate chocolate.

Diplomat cake

Diplomat cake
5 lg sugar
5 lg flour
5 eggs
vanilla essence
Separate the egg whites from the yolks, beat the egg whites with 3 lg of sugar and mix the yolks with 2 lg of sugar, add the two compositions, add the flour and mix the essence lightly and bake on low heat. Cut into two lids.

Diplomat cake
500 ml liquid cream
2 eggs
300 g sugar
10 g gelatin
1 can of pineapple
vanilla essence

Beat the whipped cream, soak the gelatin in 150 ml of warm water, eggs and mix the sugar on the fire for 15 minutes. and after it has cooled a little, add gelatin and mix until it dissolves, cut the pineapple into small cubes. Mix the egg cream with the whipped cream and the pineapple cubes.

200 g sugar
400 ml water
a lemon

Boil the water with the sugar and cool then add the grated lemon peel. Syrup the countertop at the time of assembly.

500 ml liquid cream
100 g chocolate
sugarcane flowers

Diplomat cake
After we have all the semi-preparations ready, we move on to assembling the diploma cake
Place the first sheet in the tray in which I baked the top, syrup and add the cream. Place the top sheet on top and syrup. Cover with foil and leave in the fridge for a few hours.
Pour on a plate and decorate with whipped cream, fruit, chocolate ornaments or sugar paste flowers.

I also attached some of the cakes I made before because they are according to the same recipe.

Prepare a cake with a "career" - Diplomat cake

It is said that at the beginning of the 19th century, the "king of chefs and the chef of kings", the brilliant French Chef Marie-Antoine Carême, reinvented this dessert and named it Charlotte Russe, in honor of Tsar Alexander I, at whose court he created at that time. .

Carême lined a bowl with a thin countertop (later with biscuits) and filled it with Crème Bavaroise (no & # 8211 cream derived from the classic crème pâtissière or vanilla cream, only that instead of flour it was stabilized with gelatin and in plus it contained whipped cream, which gave it a fine, airy consistency).

The second legend says that the name of the cake was borrowed from the famous Russian diplomat Karl Nesselrode, a great dessert lover, nicknamed "The Diplomat" at the time. It is certain that this cake was consecrated as a banquet dessert whose presence is noted at the end of the 19th century on the territory of France, Russia and the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

He was present in the restaurants of the famous Sacher (Vienna) and Gellert (Budapest) hotels. Inclusiv volumul „La Cuisine Francaise” scris de Francois Tanty, ultimul Chef de cuisine al împăratului Napoleon III, publicat în Chicago în 1893, menționează celebrul desert.

Dieta indiană: slăbiți 8 kilograme în 7 zile

Cât de bogată este, de fapt, Simona Halep

Rețeta originală prevede prepararea cremei cu frișcă naturală. Cofetarii de azi oferă ponturi care simplifică manopera. ”Folosiți frișcă vegetală, pișcoturi ori blat din comerț, în locul celui preparat în bucătărie. În loc stafide puteți utiliza o conservă de compot de ananas, caz în care în loc de laptele din rețetă folosiți siropul”, scrie Emanuel Ciocu, pe

Ingrediente. For the countertop: 200 g unt (la temperatura camerei), 200 g făină, 3 ouă, 150 g zahăr, 1 linghuriță coajă de lămâie bio, 1 plic (10g) praf de copt, puţină sare (blat)

Pentru cremă: 1 l frişcă vegetală îndulcită, 50 g gelatină 1 cană de zahăr, 1 linghuriță coajă de lămâie bio, 200 ml lapte, 1 plic de zahăr vanilat, 2 ouă, 100 g stafide mari (Malaga sau Sultan), 100 ml rom brun, 1 lingură coajă de portocală (bio) rasă şi amestecată cu zahăr pudră.

Preparation: Se prepară un blat de chec: untul se bate spumă împreună cu zahărul, apoi se adaugă ouăle, pe rând, restul ingredientelor, și, la final, făina. Se coace într-o formă rotunda de tort cu inel detașabil.

Separat, puneţi la înmuiat, 10 minute, într-un vas metalic gelatina, zahărul, laptele rece, plicul de zahăr vanilat şi jumătate din cantitatea de rom. Stropiţi cu restul de rom stafidele. Bateţi cele două ouă şi amestecaţi-le în gelatina înmuiată în lapte. Adăugaţi coaja de lămâie.

Puneți vasul cu acest amestec într-o cratiță în care clocotește apă (bain-marie), și continuați să amestecați până conținutul începe să fiarbă, devenind o budincă lucioasă. Luaţi de pe foc şi lăsaţi să se răcească bine, iar între timp bateți frișca. Scugeți stafidele și păstrați romul. O treime din frișcă păstrați-o pentru ornat.

Desfaceţi cu grijă inelul formei de tort, tăiaţi blatul în două ca să permiteţi aromarea lui, însoropați-l cu romul în care au stat stafidele, după ce puneți inelul la loc.

Amestecaţi, adăugând câte o lingură de frişcă în budinca obţinută mai sus şi răcită. Încorporaţi stafidele, turnați amestecul peste blat și nivelați, apoi puneți tortul la rece 2 ore. Ulterior, îndepărtați inelul și decorați tortul cu restul de frișcă, presărați-l cu coaja de portocală rasă și introduceţi-l la rece pentru 30 de minute minimum înainte de servire.

Cuvinte cautate "tort-diplomat"

In primul rand pregatim o crema de vanilie, punem laptele pe foc, mixam galbenusurile cu zaharul si vaniliile, apoi adaugam amidonul.

Punem geletina la hidratat in 50 ml suc de la compot(8-10 min). Intr-un vas cu fund dublu punem ouale si apoi zaharul.Amestecam iar

Se prepara frisca conform instructiunilor din pachet si se adauga vanilia. Separat se topeste gelatina, dupa ce a fost pusa la inmuiat

prepararea pandispanului se bat albusele cu zaharul se adauga galbenusele se amesteca usor cu mina ,se pune faina in ploaie,se amesteca.Compozitia

Blat: se bat albusele spuma, se adauga zaharul, apoi se adauga galbenusele, faina, praful de copt, vanilia. Compozitia se pune la copt.

Gelatina se pune intr-o cescuta cu o parte din zeama de compot, sa se umfle minim 10 minute.[nu va speriati daca gelatina isi va schimba

Gelatina se pune într-o ceaşcă împreună cu zeama de compot, să se umfle minimum 10 minute. Separate the eggs. Gălbenuşurile

A fost ziua mamei mele si m-am gandit sa-i prepar tortul preferat.E pentru prima oara cand il fac,reteta am luat-o de la o prietena

Se freaca galbenusurile spuma cu zaharul si vanilia se adauga faina si 500 ml lapte si se fierbe pe baie de aburi pana a fiert si s-a

Galbenusurile se freaca cu zaharul,zaharul vanilat, adaugam laptele treptat si punem la fiert pe bain-marie amestecand continuu pana

Se taie ananasul bucatele si il punem la scurs intr-o sita peste un castron (fara sa aruncam siropul). Punem 250ml de sirop de ananas

Se amesteca iaurtul si frisca cu zaharul. Se adauga gelatina,vanilia,coaja si zeama de lamaie. Se adauga fructele amestecand incet. Se

Se fierbe laptele cu 200 gr zahar, apoi se raceste. Gelatina se pune in apa rece la foc mic, mestecand mereu pana se dizolva, apoi se

blatul:Se separa albusurile de galbenusuri.Acestea din urma se bat bine cu zaharul,se adauga faina amestecata cu praful de copt si la

Galbenusurile se freaca cu zaharul 250g, zaharul vanilat, laptele si faina, se pun la foc mic amestecand continuu pana se ajunge la

Mai intai ,pregatim forma. Se unge cu putin ulei si o tapetam cu folie alimentara ( unsa si pa dinauntru cu ulei , ca la final sa putem

Crema: Ouale se freaca cu zaharul pe foc mic , pana devin ca o smantana groasa.Se aromeaza cu coaja de portocala. Dupa ce crema s-a

Blat: Albusurile se bat spuma cu un praf de sare si zahar pana se intaresc. Se adauga pe rand cate un galbenus si se incorporeaza

Method of preparation

Tort diplomat

Ouale, zaharul si laptele se amesteca pana devin ca o smantana si se dau la rece. Zeama de la compotul

Tort Diplomat

Pentru blat: se separa albusurile de galbenusuri. Albusurile se mixeaza cu zaharul si sarea pana

Video: Tort trio de ciocolata CC Eng Sub. JamilaCuisine (May 2022).


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