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Cooking Tips, Hacks and Tricks Your Grandma Knew

Cooking Tips, Hacks and Tricks Your Grandma Knew

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No one does it quite like grandma did

When you think about the best cooks in your life, one of the first people who might pop into your mind is your grandma. You spent days watching her in the kitchen, whipping up vintage snacks no one makes anymore, and creating holiday feasts that could feed an army. And there are actually a few reasons for that.

She took home economics courses

Don’t feel bad about not being able to replicate grandma’s cooking. She was required to learn how to sew, cook and more in home economics class, which used to be a must-take high school course for women. Now if you want to learn how to cook, you have to figure it out yourself, which is just one way school has changed in the past few decades.

She exchanged recipes and cooking tips with her girlfriends

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She grew veggies herself

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A house wasn’t a home until it had a garden, and those fresh veggies made all the difference in grandma’s cooking. Luckily, grandma knew that a fresh heirloom tomato picked right off the vine made for a pasta sauce that’s beyond comparison. And even if she had to make the occasional grocery store trip, grandma always knew which produce was in season and when.

She made her food from scratch

Grandma understood the importance of making everything by hand. She knew that the greatest cooking hack for an amateur chef was to not cut corners. And for your grandma, sausages weren’t just something you bought by the pack. She would season the pork meat, stuff the sausages herself and then fry them up for supper.

She wasn’t afraid of fat...

...Or seasoning

She cooked by touch and taste

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She used leftovers


Grandma knew how to be thrifty, which is, believe it or not, one thing that made her a great cook. She wasn’t afraid to use leftover meat or green beans in her cooking for the next night. Avoiding food waste and getting creative in the kitchen was a grandma specialty, which is why she knew all of the brilliant ways to use leftover chicken.

She had plenty of experience

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