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Dedication for Gusti :))) who as soon as he saw their picture on Fb wanted the recipe on Bucataras.
It is a delicious Chinese dish, as a cold snack, which has a fine texture and indulgently supports any seasoning… .from spicy sweet sauce to the salty flavor of soy sauce. The preparation is extremely simple and fast and the filling can be any combination that comes to mind. From simple salads to mixtures with seafood, fried chicken, salmon, shrimp… .anyone.

  • rice leaves (they are round and you can find them in any larger supermarket),
  • lettuce (I used iceberg),
  • a few slices of carrot,
  • julienne cut red pepper,
  • surimi bars cut to length, I chose this time but you can replace with what you want).

Servings: 10

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes


Preparation: prepare the salad and the ingredients from the filling, mix in a bowl without any seasoning. Prepare a work surface / workspace with a handy bowl of hot water and a damp towel. Take a sheet of rice, soak it in hot water and as soon as you feel it flexible and shaped, place it on a damp towel. In the middle, place a pile of salad and a bar of surimi cut in half, bend over the ends, go up and down and then roll, squeezing the composition well. If you want to keep the roll longer, wrap it in cling film so that it does not dry out. It can also be fried in oil, but I prefer it so much lighter and with a more velvety texture.

Serve with chilli sweet sauce, with special num sauce, soy sauce or whatever you want… ..spicy, sweet, salty, let your tastes take over. It's easy to prepare and delicious, good appetite and courage to pack spring rolls!

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