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Fourth Quarter Cocktails at the 50 Yard Lounge

Fourth Quarter Cocktails at the 50 Yard Lounge

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The heated tent features a rotating roster of chefs and entertainment

Mixologist Joshua Durr has fun creating specialty cocktails for Celebrity Cruises and the 50 Yard Lounge.

The Super Bowl may be in a cold weather climate for the first time in well, ever, but that hasn’t stopped fans from celebrating all-out — and at all hours. The 50 Yard Lounge, a food and drink tent at 1 Penn Plaza, adjacent to the Jets Club, has been booming this week: featuring four quarters of food prepared by celebrity chefs daily, NFL players in line for beer on tap, live music performances, and more.

Thursday featured a 'Paris to Rome' theme, and the evening's the fourth quarter hosted a late night pre-grame pizza party, and perhaps the biggest competition in New York is that of the greatest slice. The score was close, with cheesy margarita slices from Neapolitan Express, chocolate and marshmallow pies from Max Brenner, and the spectacularly creamy Artichoke pizza all competing, all perfect snacks for watching Sunday's game. "It's like spinach and artichoke dip on a pie," one fan in a Jets jersey remarked of Artichoke as he reached for a second slice of the rich, savory treat.

Surrounded by ice sculptures carved to represent the Broncos and the Seahawks, Celebrity Cruises set up shop, with mixologist Joshua Durr of Hawthorn Beverages crafting unique cocktails including Carribbean punch and a ginger mojito. Durr chose these Super Bowl cocktails because just like Celebrity cruises, “they’re different from everything else.” Tiki drinks with fresh pineapple and palomas on tap certainly aren’t what you’d expect at your typical Super Bowl Party (maybe Hawaii will host in 2015), but they certainly add a fun, summery twist to the tailgate celebrations.

A few tickets are still available to morning and afternoon sessions at the 50 Yard Lounge. And when you're done eating enough for a football team, you can walk off some of the extra calories on nearby Super Bowl Boulevard.

The 50 best cocktail bars in London

What&rsquos the best cocktail you&rsquove had in London? And where did you drink it? In the capital you can find cocktails for every taste, but knowing where to look can be daunting, as there&rsquos so much choice. This is where our ranked list of London&rsquos best cocktail bars comes in. Here you&rsquoll find everything from fancy hotel spots to dark and dirty speakeasies , party places to secret basements . What they all have in common is mixed drinks that will tingle your taste buds and blow your mind.

Some of these joints stick loyally to the classics &ndash visit Dukes for a Martini you&rsquoll never forget or Bar Termini for a Negroni as good as they come &ndash while others experiment to create the most wildly original cocktails around. You&rsquore guaranteed top-notch tipples whichever bar you choose from our curated list of London&rsquos best places to drink cocktails. Sip on!

White Alley Marble

Amber Hurst, Twain’s Brewpu
1 1/2 oz vodka
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
1/2 oz simple syrup
1 oz coconut milk
3 lime wedges
Ginger beer
Add vodka, lemon juice, simple syrup, coconut milk to a shaker with ice. Squeeze in the 3 lime wedges, shake until chilled. Strain into a highball glass over ice, top with ginger beer, serve with a lime wedge.

Pearman’s Toddy

Andrew Baker, Octane Coffee (Arts Center and Grant Park)

2 oz. Old Fourth Gin
0.5 oz Cinnamon Simple Syrup
0.5 oz Lemon Juice
7 dashes Angostura Bitters
Top with Hot Water

Garnish with a Cinnamon Stick

Lawn Daly

2 oz Lawn Dart
2 oz sweet tea
2 oz lemonade

– Combine all ingredients over ice in a Collins glass. Garnish with a lemon wheel and fresh mint.


2 oz O4D vodka
½ oz Campari
2 oz fresh-squeezed ruby red grapefruit juice
½ oz black pepper simple syrup
A few dashes Angostura Bitters

– Combine vodka, campari, grapefruit juice, and black pepper syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain over a large cube in a highball glass add a few dashes of angostura bitters over the top.

Apple-Cardamom Mule

2 oz O4D Vodka
2 oz unfiltered apple cider
1 oz 18.21 Bitters Apple-Cardamom Shrub
1 oz 18.21 Bitters Ginger Beer Syrup
Splash of Club Soda

– Combine vodka, cider, shrub, and syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake and strain into a mule mug over ice, top with a splash of club soda.

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What was a surprise, though, was the Vikings not getting Thielen the ball for a long stretch of Sunday’s game. He had two receptions for 32 yards on Minnesota’s first two plays, then didn’t make another catch until 13:53 left in the game, when he grabbed in a 37-yard touchdown pass. He added a 19-yard TD reception with 1:21 remaining, then caught a pass from Cousins for a 2-point conversion.

“We’ve just got to keep getting him the ball,” Vikings coach Mike Zimmer said.

The next chance to do that will be Sunday at Indianapolis. Thielen will run into a familiar face in cornerback Xavier Rhodes, who played the past seven season with Minnesota.

“I can go back to Day 1 in the Vikings organization at rookie camp (in 2013), going against him every single day,” Thielen said. “He’s probably been a big part of who I am today because he’s challenged me, he’s pushed me, he’s made things very difficult on me. That’s what makes you become a better football player.”

Rhodes helped Thielen become a receiver in which 100-yard games were commonplace. In 2018, Thielen had eight straight 100-yard games, tying an overall NFL record and setting a record for most such consecutive games to start a season.

Bob Sansevere: It’s always something with these Vikings

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If there was an award for NFL Screw-Up of the Week, it would go to Dan Bailey.

What a day Bailey had — what a miserable soul-crunching, momentum-crushing day.

It would be startling if Bailey didn’t go from Vikings kicker to former Vikings kicker this week. If Vikings coach Mike Zimmer had been mic’d up each time Bailey missed a kick Sunday, chances are he would have … well, not been rattling off accolades.

“You anticipate guys making those kicks,” Zimmer said.

Bailey missed every kick he attempted, three field goals and an extra point. After his foot almost cost the Vikings last week against Jacksonville, his two missed field goals and missed extra point hijacked early momentum from the Vikings in a 26-14 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in Tampa, Fla.

“We’ll just have to make a decision and go with it,” Zimmer said when asked about cutting Bailey. “I like the kid a lot. … We can’t throw away 10 points. It’s not just Dan Bailey. We gave up a 50-yard throw because a couple guys weren’t in the right place. You can’t do that.

“If you guys want me to fire guys for making a mistake here or there, we wouldn’t have any players. Let’s not put this all on Dan Bailey.”

The Vikings were rolling early with Dalvin Cook ripping off chunks of yardage against the NFL’s best run defense, one that hadn’t allowed any running back 60 or more yards in a game. Less than three minutes into the second quarter, Cook already had 61 yards and the Vikings were dominating on the stat sheet.

Not on the scoreboard, though. The Vikings only led 6-0 lead after Bailey missed the extra point. Later in the first half, he missed 36- and 54-yard field goals. Had he made those kicks, Minnesota would have led 10-0 and 13-7. Instead, Minnesota trailed at halftime, 17-6.

Bailey also missed a 41-yard field goal in the fourth quarter, giving him four missed field goals and three missed extra points in the past two games.

“I don’t know about the struggles,” Zimmer said. “He pulled one to the left and three to the right. We’ll have to decide (about cutting him) as we move forward.”

Meantime, Tom Brady found a rhythm after several lousy throws and guided the Buccaneers to 17 unanswered points.

The Bucs’ scores were helped by two Vikings defensive backs whiffing coverage on Brady’s 48-yard touchdown pass midway through the second quarter and Vikings penalties — including an iffy pass interference call in the end zone as time expired in the half and gave the Bucs time to kick another field goal.

It’s always something that kicks the Vikings in the teeth. Bailey likely would have been wide right if he tried a kick to the teeth.

After winning five of six games to reach .500 for the first time this season and elevating into the NFC’s seventh and final playoff spot, the Vikings did what they have done way too often when things start looking good. Lose.

Now they’re 6-7 and no longer in control of their postseason destiny.

This is a franchise that just cannot handle success. It is a trend that goes back decades and transcends coaches, players and owners. It can be argued that even the Purple People Eaters coached by Hall of Fame coach Bud Grant ultimately could not handle success. They lost all four Super Bowls they played in.

This season, the Vikings were on a roll with three straight wins and all they had to do was beat a bedraggled Dallas team on a four-game losing streak to lift their record to 5-5. They lost.

The Buccaneers had lost two straight and three of four and didn’t look good early in Sunday’s game. But they were playing the Vikings.

The Vikings still can rally over the final three weeks of the regular season and make the playoffs, but who is betting they will?

“The last three weeks become critical,” quarterback Kirk Cousins said. “We don’t have any room for error now.”

Bob Sansevere does a daily podcast called “The BS Show” that also is broadcast on radio stations in Duluth (KDAL), Hibbing (WNMT) and St. Cloud (WBHR).

The 8 Best Zero-Gravity Chairs That Deliver Weightless Comfort

There&aposs nothing better than carving out some personal time to relax in the backyard. While you could spread out a picnic blanket or sit on a traditional patio chair, one of the best (and most comfortable) ways to relax outdoors is with a zero-gravity chair. These anti-gravity chairs look simple, but you&aposll find they are extremely comfortable thanks to their unique reclining function. Lying back in this suspended position also reduces pressure on the neck and lower back, says Dr. Rahul Shah, MD, a board-certified orthopedic spine and neck surgeon.

It&aposs no wonder people feel particularly calm while sitting in a zero-gravity chair. "The body is always trying to stabilize the head over the pelvis by activating different muscles so that one does not fall down," Shah says. "However, when in a zero-gravity chair, all of the muscles are supported from the head all the way down to the lower legs." Because of this support, your muscles won&apost have to put in extra work to keep you up, causing this sort of zen state that&aposs all about relaxation.  

What Should I Look for in a Zero-Gravity Chair?

When shopping for an anti-gravity chair, Shah recommends options that conform to the curves of your body, delivering excellent comfort. Also consider a chair that&aposs designed to support your head, legs, and the contour of your neck and lower back to prevent aches and strains. Unsure where to start? We did the hard work for you and found the best zero-gravity chairs on Amazon that have expert-approved features and are loved by real-life shoppers.

The 8 Best Zero-Gravity Chairs on Amazon:

  • Best Overall: Caravan Sports Zero-Gravity Chair
  • Best Budget: Amazon Basics Outdoor Zero-Gravity Folding Chair
  • Best Set: Best Choice Products Mesh Zero-Gravity Chair Set
  • Best Recliner: Lafuma Futura Zero-Gravity Patio Recliner
  • Best Oversized: Timber Ridge Zero-Gravity Patio Chair
  • Best Lawn Chair: Ever Advanced Zero-Gravity Camping Chair
  • Best Canopy Chair: Goplus Zero-Gravity Canopy Lounge Chair 
  • Best Rocker Chair: Outsunny Zero-Gravity Reclining Rocker Chair

Browse top-rated gravity chairs that&aposll deliver comfort and support for some much-needed rest and relaxation.

Relax anywhere with the Caravan Sports zero-gravity chair that’s equal parts stylish, portable, and affordable. Dubbed as a lifesaver for anyone with back pain or strains, the Caravan chair can be adjusted to go as far back as needed and has a dual-finger locking mechanism to hold you in place while lounging. With an adjustable headrest, it also provides support under the neck or can be used to cushion the lower back. Additionally, the zero-gravity chair is made with a durable outdoor mesh fabric that shoppers say delivers breathability and prevents overheating, which you’ll need on warm days outside. It’s so beloved, shoppers have given it more than 6,500 five-star ratings on Amazon.

While zero-gravity chairs aren’t the cheapest piece of outdoor furniture, you can still get all the comfort while sticking to a budget with this affordable option from Amazon Basics. The anti-gravity chair is made with weather-resistant Textilene fabric that’s secured by a bungee-cord design, giving you that weightless feeling shoppers say makes their “whole body unwind.” It has a coated steel frame, can hold up to 200 pounds, and is available in four stylish colors. Shoppers even say that the Amazon Basics chair “works like the expensive ones,” but at half the price.

If you’re looking for chairs enjoyed by thousands of shoppers, including Better Homes & Gardens editors, consider the Best Choice Products zero-gravity chair set. The chairs can recline up to 160 degrees, delivering that coveted floating feeling. The foldable chair has an ergonomic design that contours to your frame while keeping you secure. Shah says this kind of support can help relieve tension in the body. And shoppers agree, saying it provides support for the neck, back, and legs—hitting all three areas ideal in a zero-gravity chair. Plus, this set comes with detachable trays so you can store your drink and phone.

Lafuma is one of the most popular brands of zero-gravity chairs due to its iconic weightless construction. While the anti-gravity chairs on this list feature comforting designs, Lafuma Futura chairs take it a step further: They position your body at a 127-degree angle and elevate the legs a bit higher so that it’s at the same level as your chest for leg support that shoppers say feels lovely. The chair also has an ergonomic clip suspension design that contours its mesh material to your spine and relieves joint pressure you’d typically feel with traditional outdoor chairs. Shoppers say it’s the “best zero-gravity chair ever, hands down.”

An oversized zero-gravity chair gives you all the comfort of weightlessness with extra space to spread out in the yard, at the beach, or on a camping trip. The Timber Ridge zero-gravity chair can accommodate up to 600 pounds, has a strong steel frame, and a 26.7-inch seat capacity, so you won’t feel confined to one position. It has an easy-to-use lever that adjusts the chair from upright to a relaxed 72-inch recline. Shoppers love its padded design, and the sliding cushion for your head and back adds another level of comfort and lumbar support that “definitely makes a difference.”

Whether you love camping in the backyard or taking overnight trips to a national park, a compact, foldable chair is a must. So why not go with one that's comfortable and supports the body? Cue the Ever Advanced lounge chair designed specifically for outdoor seating. It’s made with polyester fabric and has a foldable design that can be stored in a carrying case with straps. The zero-gravity chair reclines back and locks in place at any position and has a double bungee-cord design that allows the fabric to cradle you.

Need some shade from the sun? The Goplus zero-gravity chair has you covered, literally, with a sun canopy that’s attached to the top of the headrest. The canopy has an adjustable design that shoppers say is easy to position as the sun moves throughout the day, and it can be rotated back post-sunset. The Goplus anti-gravity chair also delivers the weightless feeling you want in a zero-gravity recliner thanks to its ergonomic design and adjustable lumbar support. It also has a stabilizing frame that prevents wobbling, giving you a sense of security while relaxing.

A rocking chair is one of the most soothing seats to relax in, and that’s why Outsunny combined the gentle sway of a rocker with the ergonomic feel of a zero-gravity chair. Shoppers love to wind down with the Outsunny zero-gravity chair on the porch or deck, and one reviewer even says it is “so comfy and relaxing” that their neighbors are actually jealous. This rocking chair has a lever to adjust the recline to evenly distribute your body weight and make your head, back, and legs feel like they’re floating.

Reviews ( 3 )

This is a poorly conceived, terrible tasting concoction that wastes a lot of good ingredients. We each poured ours out after a couple of sips.

This is a great recipe but I did things a little differently since I didn't have any Blueberries on hand & we have a ton of wild Raspberries growing in our yard (which were picked immediately before becoming ripe bc I love tart). I used approx 1 & a quarter cup(s) of the wild Raspberrie (I didn't want it to over take the Watermelon flavor). I skipped the 1st step all together & omitted the simple Syrup bc I can't stand the taste of sweet, it is a major turnoff for me (besides sugar is THE enemy so it's healthier, hehehe, a healthier Tequila Cocktail :). I added an extra lime bc like I said I LOVE tart. I increased the Tequila, using Jose Cuervo Reserva Defamilia Platino , & added a cup & a half, bc why not? I also rimmed my glass w/ a little bit of Margarita Salt. it's a nice addition for those who like saltiness. I didn't use the salted rim on my Glass for the 2nd round & it was good but not as good as the 1st (my husband doesn't like when I make Cocktails using the JC Platino but I only mix it once or twice a year so it's not a big deal if you use a more expensive better quality Tequila, it's worth it imo. I prefer Costco's Kirkland Signature Resposado but I didn't have any so I used the JC instead. If you are a Tequila lover you must try sipping it w/ Sangrita, it's a perfect paring! You can find easy Sangrita recipe's doing a quick F&W or google search.

Metropolitan at The 9, Autograph Collection

Where the Mid-West meets Modern! Adega offers a truly unparalleled modern dining experience surrounded by a stunning glass wine vault! Featuring chef-inspired dishes, our trendy restaurant provides artfully crafted authentic, modern cuisine.

Open for dinner Dress code: Smart Casual Phone: +1 216-331-6289


The century-old bank vaults beneath the Cleveland Trust Rotunda are home to an upscale, premium cocktail lounge. Enjoy over 30 handcrafted cocktails fashioned by resident mixologists, eclectic small plate menu offerings and exceptional service.

Azure Rooftop Lounge

Soak up the sun at Cleveland’s best rooftop lounge with a fresh menu inspired by our chef and refreshing handcrafted cocktails – all while you admire the city’s iconic skyline with an exclusive view.

Ledger Bar

Tucked above the lobby, this intimate lounge is made for conversation and people watching. Relish artisan cocktails and classic recipes, along with local craft beer and special wines from around the world. Adega’s dinner menu is also available.

Fitness & Recreation



Local Attractions

NASA Glenns Visitor Center

International Women&aposs Air & Space Museum

1501 N Marginal RD #166Burke Lakefront Airport

Cleveland Cultural Gardens

Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Great Lakes Science Center

East 4th Street Entertainment District

Prospect Ave East and East 4th Sts

West 6th Street Entertainment District

West 6th Street and St Claire Streets

Flats East Entertainment District

Euclid Avenue and Hwy 322 Mayfield Rd

MOCA - Museum of Contemporary Art

Cleveland Botanical Gardens

Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse

Airport Information

Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE)

Airport Phone: +1 216-265-6000

Hotel direction: 12.7 miles NE

This hotel does not provide shuttle service.

  • Alternate transportation: LG Transportation fee: 40 USD (one way)
  • Estimated taxi fare: 40 USD (one way)
  • Bus service, fee: 2.5 USD (one way)
Driving directions

Head south on Upper Dr toward Park Rd Travel 0.2 miles and take a slight left toward OH-237 N. Travel 0.1 miles and turn left onto the ramp to OH-237 N. Keep LEFT at the fork, follow signs for I-71/I-480/OH-237 N/Cleveland and merge onto OH-237 N. Travel 0.5 miles and continue onto Berea Fwy. Travel 1.3 miles and merge onto I-71 N. Travel 8.5 miles and continue onto I-90 E. Travel 1.4 miles and take exit 172A for 9th Street E toward I-77 S. Travel 0.2 miles and merge onto E 9th S. The hotel will be 0.4 miles ahead on the right.

Akron-Canton Airport (CAK)

Airport Phone: +1 440-215-5466

Hotel direction: 50.6 miles NW

This hotel does not provide shuttle service.

  • Alternate transportation: LG Transportation fee: 85 USD (one way) reservation required
  • Estimated taxi fare: 80 USD (one way)
Driving directions

Head south. Travel 0.3 miles and take a slight right. Travel 0.2 miles. Keep LEFT at the fork, follow signs for I-77 N/Akron and merge onto I-77 N. Travel 12.1 miles and merge onto I-76 W/I-77 N. Travel 2.6 miles. Keep LEFT to continue on I-77 N. Travel 34.3 miles and take exit 162B to merge onto E 14th St. Travel 0.6 miles and turn left onto Prospect Ave E. Travel 0.3 miles and take the 2nd right onto E 9th St. The hotel will be on the right.

The forgotten story of . Percy Howard, the Super Bowl's ultimate one-hit wonder

On another day, Percy Howard could have been a headline, not a footnote. In different circumstances he might have been a hero instead of a trivia question.

That question being: who scored a touchdown in the Super Bowl with the only catch of his NFL career? It is an improbable achievement - but much about Howard’s appearance in Super Bowl X was unlikely.

In the 1970s the great Tom Landry, who coached the Dallas Cowboys for 28 years, sought to gain an edge on rivals by recruiting fast, strong and tall athletes from other sports, such as athletics and basketball.

Howard, who was born in Savannah, Georgia, on 21 January 1952, was a starting basketball player at Austin Peay university in Tennessee when the Cowboys called. Fast and 6ft 4in tall, the plan was to mould him into a wide receiver.

Despite his bold scouting methods, Landry was cautious about using inexperienced players, and the Cowboys already had two outstanding wide receivers, Golden Richards and Drew Pearson. Howard made eight regular-season bit-part appearances as a rookie, tallying two returns for a total of 51 yards, but had a rough initiation into the world of professional football. He had not played the sport seriously since he was in high school in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“In our first preseason game against the Rams, Percy returned a kickoff and got clobbered. When he stumbled to the sideline, his helmet cockeyed on his head, Percy said, ‘man, it’s rough out there, Buck’. To which I replied, ‘those are just rookies,’”, the longtime Cowboys employee “Buck” Buchanan recalled in a 2006 book, Glory Days.

With a 10-4 regular-season record, Dallas finished second in the NFC East division and took the wild card, yet claimed a Super Bowl berth against the reigning-champions, the Pittsburgh Steelers, courtesy of road playoffs wins over the Minnesota Vikings and Los Angeles Rams.

The scene was set for the Orange Bowl in Miami. Dallas based themselves in nearby Fort Lauderdale and a marching band from Howard’s old high school greeted him when the team’s charter plane landed at the airport, according to a 1991 profile in Sports Illustrated.

In front of more than 80,000 fans on 18 January 1976, Dallas led 10-7 entering the fourth quarter, but Pittsburgh fought back and took a 21-10 lead.

Richards had to come off with broken ribs: enter Howard. The rookie did not lack confidence, trash-talking his opponent, future hall-of-famer Mel Blount.

“He and I got into a verbal confrontation out on the field. I felt that I could get open because I had a certain burst of speed … I told [Dallas quarterback Roger Staubach] that I could get open,” Howard told the NFL Network in 2008.

He was right. He blew past Blount and caught Staubach’s 34-yard pass in the end zone, stooping and falling back as he clasped the ball. “I came off, pretty much slow, then I burst into some speed and when I did I got on him and while he was spinning I was going by him and when the ball hit me in the end zone I caught the pass, and when Mel came over his eyes were as big as a clock,” Howard said.

The deficit was cut to four points. Famously, Staubach had thrown a 50-yard Hail Mary pass to Pearson to beat the Vikings in the divisional playoffs. He tried the same tactic with seconds left in the Super Bowl, now with Howard the target.

Staubach launched the ball into the end zone and as it arced and dropped it looked like it might drop perfectly for Howard, but a couple of Steelers were in his way and tipped the ball just out of his reach. The Cowboys lost the game, and Howard’s touchdown would prove nothing more than a quirk – a moment of personal triumph that failed to define the destiny of the contest. He was a couple of inches from winning the Super Bowl, but had to settle for a colourful cameo role.

“If I had jumped maybe just a split-second later I would have gotten that pass,” he said. “Every time I see Roger he talks about it, and – they called me Bird at the time – he’d say, Bird, if you had gotten that one you would have gone down in infamy, or something to that effect. And I would say yeah, but maybe it wasn’t meant to be at that time.”

Rather than for Howard’s involvement, the game would be remembered mainly as the most exciting Super Bowl up to that point and for its star-spangled celebration of the US’s bicentennial. Footage from the event was used in the 1977 Hollywood thriller Black Sunday, in which a crazed pilot played by Bruce Dern tries to blow up the stadium using a bomb inside the Goodyear blimp.

Despite the disappointment of defeat, Howard’s dramatic impact suggested that with a little more experience, he had the tools to blossom into a star. But he suffered a serious knee injury in an exhibition game ahead of the next season and never made another NFL appearance. After a couple of years spent unsucessfully trying to rehabilitate the knee, the Cowboys released him in 1978.

The demise of his sports career saw him stumble into a variety of jobs. He had four children, got divorced, was a private investigator and managed a Dallas strip club called Squeaky’s, according to a 1996 profile in the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel.

“I’ve been shot at, run off the road, and I’ve had my share of fights,’’ he told SI, remembering his private detective days. ‘’My football background came in handy one time. I had to follow this guy in my car, and when he went into this bar, I went in, too. I guess I had gotten a little careless, because while I’m playing this video game, he comes up and says, ‘You’ve been following me.’ He had his buddies with him, and they were all pretty big. I said, ‘Why would I be following you? I just came in for a drink. See this ring? It’s a Super Bowl ring. My name is Percy Howard, and I used to play for the Cowboys.’ Well, they recognised the name, and pretty soon, we’re shooting the breeze about football and my Super Bowl catch.”

He said he also trained to become a heavyweight boxer and worked as a cutlery salesman and as the manager of an upscale nightclub called Champagne.

For Howard, the drink would forever remain on ice - but even though he never became a star, for one game, thanks to one catch, he was somebody.

Three Dots and a Dash

First you’ll have to find Three Dots and a Dash (the morse code “V” for “victory”), as it’s a literally underground bar and filled with mid-century tiki-chic from top to bottom in an homage to the great tiki bars of Chicago’s past. Once you’re snuggled into a circular booth or on a stool under the palapa-topped bar, wade through the extensive menu of cocktails both classic (using traditional Don the Beachcomber recipes) and new (by Three Dots’ own Paul McGee). Try the “Poipu Beach Boogie Board” (rye whiskey, Lemon Hart 151 rum, maraschino liqueur, demerara syrup, and pineapple) or the “Pieces of Eight” (pictured), a shell bowl holding enough Caribbean rum, passionfruit, lemon, and falernum for 2-3 people. No plastic cups here all of Three Dots’ barware is real-deal ceramic or glass and often specially designed and produced for the bar.

Watch the video: Mai Tai - Aggelos Triantafilopoulos - White Monkey (June 2022).


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